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Franchise Reputation Management

Foster Customer Loyalty and Drive Bottomline Growth

No matter if you run a small local shop, a big franchise across the country, or even a global corporation, how people see your brand can greatly impact your sales. When you have many locations to oversee, it’s crucial for the company and franchise owners to meet high standards and stick to clear guidelines.

Ensure your brand stays strong and keeps a good reputation across all your franchise locations with the support of Team Digi Marketing. Our complete franchise reputation management services help you stay informed about what people are saying about your brand on various platforms and align with company goals on the franchisee level.

What Is Franchise Reputation Management?

Safeguard Your Evergrowing Online Influence

The perception of a company greatly influences its value. Franchise online reputation management, also called enterprise reputation management, involves actively monitoring brand interactions and taking steps to safeguard your company’s image.

Reputation management for franchise businesses combines marketing for multiple locations, brand oversight, and franchise search engine optimization (SEO) to better control your brand’s information.

Given that 91 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, the ongoing success of any franchise depends on implementing cohesive reputation management strategies across all locations.

Unfortunately, some companies struggle with managing the reputation of their multi-location brands, leading to inaccurate brand portrayals that erode trust and hinder growth. To bridge this gap, a strong franchise reputation management strategy is essential.

Team Digi Marketing, an Internet Marketing Agency, offers comprehensive franchise reputation management services to oversee your reputation across different demographics. Partnering with Rize Reviews, we automate your franchise online reputation management efforts, ensuring the success of your marketing across multiple locations.

Experience the impact of a hands-on enterprise reputation management solution on your business.

Why Is Reputation Management
Important for Franchises and Multi-Locations?

Build and Maintain a Favorable Corporate Image

Your franchise’s image plays a big role in how successful your brand is, affecting:

(1) how much customers stick with you,

(2) your bond with investors, (3) keeping and hiring good staff, and

(4) how much you sell and grow.

Especially in today’s digital age, where everyone’s watching, taking charge of your franchise’s reputation is a must to stay ahead.

When you run a marketing campaign for your business with many locations and keep a close eye on your online reputation, it leads to:

Improved Local Visibility

Franchise reviews play a big role in how well a brand shows up in local searches. According to Moz, they’re one of the top seven things that affect it. Basically, the more good reviews your franchise gets, the better chance you have of showing up near the top in local search results.

Heightened Customer Engagement

According to a study by Learn Hub, nearly all consumers (92%) tend to connect with a brand that receives positive reviews from its franchisees. By implementing an effective system to manage franchise reviews, you can promote deeper and more meaningful interactions between franchise owners and customers.

Good Business Insights

Enhancing your brand’s image across multiple locations helps you figure out which tactics are effective and what areas of your franchise operations require adjustment to keep up with customer and market expectations.

Increased Bottomline

Research indicates that around 58% of shoppers tend to spend extra on brands that have positive reviews for their online franchise stores. The better and more reviews you have for your franchise, the more money you could make in the long run.

Your Trusted Franchise Business
Reputation Management Company

What We Can Do for Your Multi-Location Enterprise

Team Digi Marketing, an Internet Marketing Agency, teamed up with Rize Reviews to safeguard the online image of big companies from various sectors. We use effective strategies to manage online reviews for franchises.

We’re not just about getting reviews for your franchise; we also use smart marketing tactics to keep your audience interested. Our aim is to boost consumer trust and loyalty for multi-location companies.

Keeping a good image online for your franchise is crucial. Ignoring it could spell trouble. Instead of waiting for bad reviews to flood in, take action now to boost your franchise’s online reputation.

Start managing your franchise’s reviews today to strengthen your online presence.

Team Digi Marketing Franchise Reputation Management Software

Monitor What People Say About Your Business

At Team Digi Marketing, we’ve teamed up with Rize Reviews to support big companies from various fields in safeguarding their online image. We use effective strategies to manage their reputation online.

As your go-to team for handling reviews, we don’t just aim to get more reviews for your franchise businesses. We also use smart marketing techniques to keep your customers engaged across multiple locations.

Discover how our reputation management agency has boosted consumer trust and loyalty for these big companies with multiple branches.

Our software helps manage your franchise’s reputation. You can see data for all stores or focus on individual ones. With our monthly subscriptions, you’ll notice changes in your franchise’s reviews and scores within just 30 days.

Compared to SEO and other digital marketing, our review management delivers quick results. You’ll see improvements faster, making it a quick win for your business.

Key Features of Our Reputation Management Tool:

Personalized dashboard

Real-time review monitoring and review generation

Unlimited emails and SMS text messages

Unlimited user names

Customizable review notifications

User-friendly interface

Secure admin access

Full data encryption

Integrations with 100+ major review sites

Custom review widget

Scheduled reports

Franchise Reputation Management Services

Boost Positive Brand Mentions and Get Ahead of Negative Reviews

Review Generation

We use our special franchise reputation tool to make asking for reviews easier across all your locations. We team up with each franchise owner to get more good reviews for their stores online and make them look even better.

Review Monitoring

Our franchise reputation tool gathers feedback from places like Google and BBB, making it easier for you to keep track. It's designed to handle multiple sites and locations, simplifying how you handle reviews across your franchise.

Review Response

We help establish consistent guidelines for handling positive and negative feedback across all franchise branches. Our team of specialists can craft and publish review responses on your behalf, freeing up your time.

Video Testimonials

We help establish consistent guidelines for handling positive and negative feedback across all franchise branches. Our team of specialists can craft and publish review responses on your behalf, freeing up your time.

Online Reputation Repair

Struggling with your online image? Our team specializes in boosting your brand's reputation using smart SEO strategies and proven reputation management techniques. We handle reputation crises delicately, minimizing their impact on your brand while restoring control and trust.

Listings Management

Get noticed and boost your local business visibility with our listings management service. We'll assist in organizing, handling, and enhancing your local directory listings for every franchisee, while also securing top-notch 5-star reviews.

Product Reviews Management

Our franchise reputation management tool helps gather reviews from your own site and other online marketplaces like Amazon or Overstock. No matter where you sell, our system can manage your reviews effectively.

Social Media Follower Growth Service

Grow a strong social media fan base in various places and foster a community of devoted brand supporters. Our Team Digi Marketing experts collaborate to boost your social media followers and craft easy-to-use templates for each location.

Survey Campaign Management

Gather genuine opinions from your nearby customers and use them to enhance various aspects of your franchise. We start unlimited email and text marketing efforts to assist you in getting reliable market feedback.

SEO Reputation Management

We make sure good things pop up when people search for your business online. Our SEO experts spread the word about your business's good stuff, like blog posts and positive reviews from franchise stores, so more people see it.

Review Widget

Show off customer love and feedback on your site with our special review gadget. It's free for all our customers and helps amp up your SEO game while making your brand look even better. Our gadget lets you customize it to fit your style, plug it into your site easily, and it's mobile-friendly too!

White Label Reputation Management

Are you a digital marketing agency with branches in different places, looking for top-notch help managing your reputation? We've got you covered! Our complete package of customizable reputation management solutions can boost your franchise's reviews, effortlessly growing your profits.

Why Choose Team Digi Marketing for Your Franchise Reputation Management

Deliver the Best Results for Your Service Locations

At Team Digi Marketing, we get that managing your franchise’s reputation means finding the sweet spot between making it personal and sticking to your brand rules. That’s why our reputation pros dive deep into your market, using solid data to craft a top-notch online reputation plan that works for all your spots.

Sign up for our franchise reputation help, and you’ll enjoy these perks:

Multi-Language Support

We offer reviews in multiple languages for franchises, like Spanish and German. This means we can help clients worldwide maintain their reputation across all locations.

Scheduled Reports

When you join our monthly subscription, you receive detailed reports about your franchise business every month. These reports show how well your campaigns are doing overall and for each location. They cover things like your review scores, star ratings, and the number of reviews you've gotten.

Dedicated Support Team

Worried about marketing or managing reviews for your business across different locations? Our Review Crew is here to help! Get in touch with us anytime by phone, email, or text for quick answers to your questions.

Maximum Transparency

We review online franchise stores, breaking down their performance by market, region, and location so you can choose wisely. If you have any questions, our reputation managers are eager to help during your scheduled consultations.

Real-Time Franchise Review Monitoring

You don’t have to wait long to check your reviews. Our franchise reputation software updates instantly, letting you see your progress whenever you like.

Personalized Dashboard

At each location, you'll have its own account on the dashboard. This helps you see which places are doing great and which ones need to improve how they get reviews. You can also see overall reports for your whole organization.