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Online Reputation Repair

Bounce Back From Crisis and Restore Your Brand Image

Fixing a bad online reputation can be tricky and take a lot of time. Our experts can make this easier, reduce your risks, and help build a positive image for your brand.

Team Digi Marketing has teamed up with Rize Reviews to offer top-notch online reputation repair and management services, helping you at every stage before, during, and after any negative event.

What Is Online Reputation?

Shape Your Brand and Build a Strong, Accurate Business Identity

What is online reputation?

Your online reputation is how people view your company, products, and services based on your digital presence and reviews. It influences how everyone – from employees and investors to potential customers – perceives your brand.

A positive online reputation attracts more investors and customers, boosting your profits. Conversely, a negative online reputation can harm your brand image, marketability, growth, and revenue.

Ultimately, what is an online reputation if not a dependable way to measure a company’s dedication to its customers and specific market?

When people look up your company online, you want to ensure your online reputation truly represents your brand’s story. However, some business owners and marketers overlook their online reputation, leaving them exposed to risks like fake reviews and unresolved customer complaints. If ignored for too long, this can seriously harm your brand’s reputation.

Brands with poor reputations and negative reviews often don’t have the skills or resources to improve their image. This is where internet reputation companies can help.

Improve Your Visibility and Credibility
With Repair Online Reputation Services

The top online reputation management firms provide services to manage and fix your brand’s online reputation, helping you maintain control over your online presence.

Digi Marketing Internet Marketing Agency is a reliable name in internet reputation management, offering strategic solutions to build a positive brand image and attract both new and returning customers.

Contact our online reputation expert to learn how our services can help you clean up your online image and protect your brand.

How a Business’s Online Reputation Is Constructed

Monitor the Web and Tackle Negative Customer Feedback Head-On

Many things contribute to your business reputation. Your online reviews, social media activity, marketing materials, communication style, and brand connections all shape how people see you online. These elements influence discussions about your brand and form a general impression of your reliability and trustworthiness.

Starting your brand reputation monitoring and management early helps you spot risks and address fake, negative reviews quickly.

Want to enhance your online reputation? Begin managing your business reputation with these top internet reputation tips:

Monitor and Analyze Your Digital Presence

Most likely, your business is online, even if you’re not actively working on SEO or social media marketing. The first step to building your online reputation is to monitor all mentions of your brand on the internet and assess how they affect your brand image. This helps you understand the content, interactions, and perceptions linked to your brand and decide what to do next.

Set Up Your Online Listings

The next step in building a strong business reputation is managing your listings. Make sure your business is listed on all key directories, like Google My Business (GMB), Facebook, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and other industry-specific sites such as Healthgrades for medical practices, Avvo for legal firms, and Houzz for home services. Securing these local listings is crucial for providing accurate business information online and maintaining a good brand reputation.

Create Your Brand Reputation Management Plan

After you’ve set up and updated all your business listings, the next step is to create a brand and reputation management plan. Companies like Team Digi Marketing and Rize can help with this by offering services that develop strategies for managing your online reputation. If your business has a bad online reputation, these companies also offer services to repair it and restore your good name.

Generate Positive Reviews

Reputation and reviews are closely linked. Consistently getting positive online reviews and 5-star ratings helps you build and keep a good brand image. Marketers with many high-quality, current reviews show up higher in search results, earn more trust, and spark positive conversations about their brand, boosting their bottom line. Conversely, businesses that neglect generating reviews often end up with a poor online reputation and lose about 40 percent of potential customers.

Engage With Your Audience

  • Ensuring your online business reputation stands strong relies heavily on engaging with your audience in a meaningful way. This involves connecting with everyone from your team and partners to investors, customers, and potential clients through both logical and emotional communication. By providing comprehensive experiences, you convey how much they mean to you. Effective brand engagement not only boosts awareness but also strengthens your brand identity and secures customer loyalty.

    Concerns about the potential for negative feedback when actively seeking positive online reviews through brand and reputation management are common. However, top online reputation management firms follow a systematic approach to ensure a sustainable bond between your brand and customers, fostering trust in the market.

    Curious about shaping your business or personal online reputation? Reach out to local online reputation experts for a consultation, where you can gain insights directly from a seasoned professional!

Why a Positive Online Reputation Matters

Develop a Strong Thought-Leadership Brand
  • In today’s digital age, what others are saying about your company holds significant weight. According to a study by BrightLocal, a staggering 92 percent of individuals are hesitant to interact with a business with a negative online reputation.

  • By emphasizing the management of your brand and reputation, you can address or correct information that doesn’t align with your business values, ensuring an accurate portrayal of your brand online. Prioritize managing your online reputation to stay ahead in the competitive landscape!

    Here are further reasons why it’s crucial to tidy up your online reputation and uphold a positive brand image:

Gain Internet Reputation Control

Even though you manage your website and social media, there's probably info about your brand elsewhere online that you can't control. That's where online reputation management steps in. If your business has a good online reputation, fake negative reviews won't be believed, and happy customers will spread positive ones. It's like having some control over your online reputation and knowing your company looks good online.

Facilitate Better Brand Engagement

Your online image decides how much interest people have in your business. If it's negative and you don't try to fix it, it's hard to win people over or earn their trust. But if your online image is good, it shows your business is reliable. And when clients and employees see positive reviews, they're more likely to recommend your brand to others.

Demonstrate Your Brand Authenticity

In today's crowded business world, it's crucial to make your brand shine. One great way to do that? Showcasing what makes you special and how well you serve your customers online. Your online reputation is like a preview of what your company offers. Since most folks trust online reviews almost as much as recommendations from friends, having lots of positive feedback and top-notch ratings can show people that you're all about honesty and great service.

Improve Your Local SEO

Managing your online reputation and improving local SEO go hand in hand. According to a study by BrightLocal, online reviews contribute to 16% of ranking factors in 2020. This implies that maintaining a positive online reputation increases your likelihood of appearing on the first page of search results. Effective online reputation management helps build a recognizable brand online, enhances the quality and quantity of user-generated content, boosts local rankings, and increases on-site conversions.

Protect Your Brand from False Information

Any accidental tweet or false info about your brand can spread fast, damaging your online rep and success. A good brand image protects you from harmful online posts. When you deal with tough customers or crises, fewer people will care about negative online reviews, keeping your reputation strong.

Drive Higher Conversions

Reviews online help new customers form opinions about your business. Building a strong online image can draw in your ideal customers and turn them into loyal fans. A positive online reputation not only attracts customers but also boosts your conversion rates. Research shows that a good brand image can nearly triple your sales.

Common Ways Your Business’s
Online Reputation Can Be Damaged

Secure Your Digital Presence and Minimize Disastrous Setbacks
  • A bad online reputation can seriously harm your company. It affects how people see your brand, impacts your online presence, and can even hurt your profits. Just one negative review or scandal can make people lose trust in your brand, costing you millions or even billions in potential earnings.

    It’s important to understand what can harm your brand’s reputation and take control of your online presence.


Bad Publicity

A public relations (PR) crisis can happen for various reasons, like controversial marketing, data leaks, mistreatment of staff, or any illegal activities linked to your brand. When a PR crisis occurs, your company can get into trouble and might take years to rebuild its reputation. To fix a tarnished reputation caused by bad publicity, you need to handle the situation carefully. Experts suggest acknowledging the negative PR to lessen its impact on your brand image. If your company is at fault, you should address the issue, communicate the solution, and keep an eye on your brand's reputation to prevent similar problems in the future. If you're not to blame, respond truthfully with evidence to support your position. The key to restoring your reputation is to react promptly and openly to show your concern to the public. If you need assistance in repairing your reputation after bad PR, Team Digi Marketing offers reputation management services for businesses. We develop and execute strategies to repair your reputation, including regular checks to prevent negative PR from harming your brand.

Negative Online Reviews

Research indicates that customers tend to have doubts about businesses rated 4 stars or lower. Moreover, around 82 percent of online users actively seek out negative reviews to assess a brand's credibility on the internet. Businesses that don't actively manage their online reputation may find themselves overwhelmed by negative feedback. Typically, customers only leave reviews when they're dissatisfied with their experience. Without a proactive approach to gathering feedback, negative reviews may outnumber positive ones, even if most customers are satisfied. To address a skewed online reputation, consistency is vital. Businesses need to utilize various touchpoints to gather insights and encourage positive reviews, thereby diluting the impact of negative feedback. Reputation management firms specialize in pinpointing opportune moments to request reviews from customers. Collaborating with such firms can help businesses clean up their online presence and implement strategies to boost the quality and quantity of positive reviews, enhancing their overall reputation.

Negative Web Content

Negative online content about your brand, like any bad press, can harm your online reputation efforts and revenue growth. This negative content is often fueled by unresolved conflicts, shady SEO tactics, or posts from fake accounts. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 65 percent of consumers turn to search engines for business research. This means people are likely to believe what they find, whether it's true or not. What does your company's online search results say about you? If negative content dominates your search results, consider hiring online reputation repair services to counteract negative reviews and articles. To address negative search results, Google provides guidelines on what content can be removed. You can request content removal through Google to combat malicious content. Wondering how long it takes to push down negative search results? Content removal approvals typically take 2-4 weeks. For more effective strategies to handle negative reviews and articles, it's wise to seek guidance from online reputation experts.

Bad Website Experience

Here's a simpler and more unique version: --- Having a poorly designed website and bad content can really turn off your visitors and make them doubt your credibility. It could be confusing content or a blog post that misses the mark, buttons that don't work, or anything else that wastes their time and patience. Forbes says that when you make your website easy to use, you can increase how many visitors become customers by a whopping 400 percent. But if your site is hard to use, you could be losing over half of your potential customers. They might even leave bad reviews online, damaging your reputation. You don't want that for your business. So, how do you fix a bad reputation caused by a bad website? Get professionals to design your website and write your content. The best reputation management companies don't just fix bad reviews, they also help you with things like SEO and digital marketing to make sure your website works for you, not against you.

Unsolicited Brand Mentions

As your audience grows, more people start paying attention to your business. Sometimes, your brand's popularity attracts unexpected mentions from influential individuals in your community who might not have the best online image. This can lead to negative attention online. Even though your company isn't connected to these individuals, the public may perceive it differently. What can you do if this happens to your reputation? Regularly check your online presence to spot any mentions, especially those not directly linked to you. Identify which ones need immediate attention from experts in online reputation management. If you're unsure how to handle these situations or repair your reputation, it's wise to seek guidance from experienced internet reputation management firms, or even better, entrust them with managing your reputation repair process.

Poor Customer Support

Your business suffers when customer service isn't top-notch. Studies indicate unhappy customers often leave negative online reviews, harming your brand and profits. Don't let poor service hold back your online growth.Research by Salesforce shows 78% of customers stay loyal to companies with excellent service, even after errors. Prioritize customer support, polish your online image, and attract more enthusiastic customers to your brand!

Ineffective Management

Research indicates that ineffective management and inadequate pay are key factors behind former employees leaving negative online reviews about their former employers. When your company receives low ratings and negative feedback online, it becomes challenging to attract top-notch talent. A recent study discovered that one out of every three job seekers has rejected a job offer due to a company's negative online image. Since 76 percent of professionals research a company's reputation before considering a job offer, it's essential to address reputation issues to attract skilled candidates and foster company growth. To improve your online reputation: As a business owner, it's crucial to address your employees' concerns and ensure their satisfaction with your workplace environment and management practices. Internet reputation experts recommend implementing regular surveys and monitoring your brand's reputation online to stay informed about your employees' sentiments and the overall market perception. This proactive approach enables you to address review issues and enhance your online reputation effectively.

Unkept Promises

Nothing disappoints like a company that talks big but fails to deliver. It really turns customers away and damages a business's online reputation. To recover from online criticism caused by unfulfilled promises, avoid making commitments you can't fulfill. For example, don't promise a money-back guarantee if you can't follow through. Inconsistency hurts brands and individuals online. If your reputation is suffering, take quick action to repair it and retain your clients. Start by ensuring your online information is accurate and stick to your commitments. Transitioning your brand to a more genuine image is crucial for boosting Google search results and cleaning up your online presence over time.

Unclaimed Listings

Unclaimed local listings can harm your business: If you don't claim your business listings, incorrect information and negative reviews from frustrated customers might spread. In the worst case, someone could take control of your unclaimed listings to damage your business reputation. Fixing a damaged reputation: To improve your online image, claim your business listings on different directories and platforms. This helps clean up Google search results and protects your reputation. Companies like Team Digi Marketing and Rize specialize in optimizing your listings to ensure accuracy and consistency. Repairing your online reputation: If you're unsure how to handle reputation issues online, you can rely on professional services. Reputation management experts can guide you through the process and help repair any damage caused by impersonators or misinformation.

Zealous Review Response

Many companies choose to be proactive in dealing with review problems and fixing their online image. While it's smart to repair reputation and manage brand perception, being overly eager in responding to complaints can make things worse, requiring a more focused effort to fix your online reputation. Protecting and growing your business involves handling negative online reviews and tidying up your online image carefully. That's why it's crucial to seek advice from reputation repair experts before making any moves to improve your online reputation. To clean up your online reputation without mishandling review responses, start by understanding your customers' feelings to pinpoint the issue. Once you know what's wrong, try to resolve it privately to ensure both sides are satisfied. And always respond politely and appropriately to fix review problems and repair your online image. Reputation repair experts stress the importance of having a clear plan for managing responses, so you don't end up making things worse by reacting angrily or too quickly. Online reputations can be easily tarnished by various factors, and each issue needs a tailored solution. Choose the top online reputation repair service to safeguard your online image effectively!

How Team Digi Marketing Rebuilds Your Business’s Online Reputation

Regain Customer Trust and Maximize Engagement
  • We’re here to fix your online image. Our experts investigate the source of negative reviews and create a plan to restore your reputation.

    We craft a personalized reputation service just for you, ensuring any negative content online is handled well. Our focus is on safeguarding your online reputation through:

Reviews From New Customers

Having more recent positive reviews means older negative ones matter less. Studies indicate people prioritize recent feedback and tend to overlook reviews older than 60 days. So, if you actively gather positive feedback from customers, negative reviews gradually lose significance, and your overall rating improves. But what if you're stuck with old reviews? Repairing your reputation requires an active approach. Our team uses cutting-edge software to run email and SMS campaigns, urging satisfied customers to share their experiences. This helps to mitigate any negative feedback and boost your online standing.

Reviews From Past Customers

Your online image is what people generally think about you online. So, how you've interacted before and what others say about you on the internet matter when you're trying to fix your online reputation. Want to fix a damaged reputation caused by bad reviews? Our team of internet reputation experts will carefully examine your online presence using our specialized tool. We'll keep an eye on what's being said about your brand across the internet and offer strategies to repair your online reputation. Our plan includes actions like generating positive reviews and responding to negative ones, all aimed at helping you regain control. Our team is dedicated to not only repairing your online reputation but also educating you on how to keep it clean and avoid future harm. We'll closely monitor your brand's online interactions and address any negative mentions, ensuring that you're equipped to maintain a positive online image.

Managing Poor Reviews

We thoroughly examine your online reviews and search results on Google to create a comprehensive plan for repair, including: Crafting new content Addressing negative reviews Correcting misinformation through outreach Encouraging new positive feedback Responding to reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp We analyze your situation and design a tailored strategy to repair your reputation online. Our team also considers your budget and urgency, guiding you through each step of the process. Do you need experts to restore your online reputation? Absolutely! Companies specializing in online reputation management, like Team Digi Marketing, bring years of experience and a diverse approach to resolving reputation issues. Whether it's for individuals or brands, we offer services ranging from reputation management to SEO and digital marketing to enhance your online presence and highlight your business!

Increasing Star Ratings

Personalized Approach: We have direct conversations with each client to grasp their specific needs in managing their online presence. Unlike other companies that treat clients impersonally, we customize our approach. Instead of simply providing a tool, we assist you in understanding how to rebuild your online reputation and maximize its potential. Tailored Solutions: Curious about how Team Digi Marketing enhances your online reputation and ratings? We take a hands-on approach, developing a customized plan just for you. Our experts assist you in selecting the most suitable review platforms and guide you on when and how to request reviews, ensuring a consistent flow. Google Restoration Expertise: Most importantly, our team specializing in Google reputation repair crafts personalized messages and aids in responses. This ensures that your strategy remains effective in the long run, steadily enhancing your ratings.

Repair Online Reputation Services
That Showcase Your Best Attributes

Safeguard Your Brand Against Negative Search Results
  • In today’s digital world, managing your brand’s reputation is crucial for building your online presence and making your business easier to find and engage with for customers, partners, investors, and other important people.

  • Team Digi Marketing, a top-tier internet marketing agency, specializes in enhancing your online brand reputation. We work tirelessly to boost your brand’s visibility and build a strong online presence. Partnering with Rize Reviews’ online reputation experts, we offer top-notch solutions for repairing and managing your business reputation.

    Our reputation repair services have successfully restored the reputations of numerous industry leaders, helping them regain trust and credibility among their audience.

Here's How We Helped Save an
Auto Insurance Company's Reputation

  • In 2017, a car insurance company asked for our help to improve its online presence and take charge of its brand image on the internet. Our mission was clear: we wanted to bury any bad comments about the company on Google’s second search page and attract more potential customers by using smart SEO tactics.

    Our main focus was on tackling those negative search results. Our team of SEO and reputation management specialists came up with a plan. We built a list of keywords associated with negativity, did thorough research on what people were searching for, and then made technical improvements to the website and its content. This helped us to push down the bad stuff and bring up the good.

Total Traffic:

    • Thanks to Team Digi Marketing, this insurance company’s website traffic skyrocketed by 42,900 sessions in just one month. Over two years of SEO efforts, we boosted monthly traffic by 137.57%, totaling 101,916 sessions!

    • Discover the impact of our complete reputation safeguarding services with Thrive and Rize. Experience firsthand the positive change they could bring to your online presence.

Why Choose Team Digi Marketing For Repair Online Reputation Services

Partner With Industry-Leading Digital Marketing Experts

At Team Digi Marketing, we’re a trusted online reputation repair company. Our reputation is built on the trust of thousands of professionals from various industries and places. In 2020, Neil Patel, a notable figure in digital marketing, recognized us as the top small business reputation management company. We’re committed to helping businesses achieve better results.

When you choose our reputation repair services, here’s what you can expect from us:

Online Reputation Experts

When you join us, you get your own online reputation pro who takes care of your business's online image. Our crew includes skilled digital marketers and reputation experts who go all out to bring you great outcomes.

Consultative Approach

Your thoughts and ideas are important to us. That's why we include you in every stage of our online reputation repair process. From planning to monitoring, we collaborate closely with your team to highlight your expertise and enhance your customers' online experiences.

Real Results

At Team Digi Marketing, we let the results of our reputation repair efforts speak for themselves. Unlike other internet reputation companies, we don’t promise that we can clean up your internet reputation within a specific timeline. But we present you with in-depth reports and analytics as proof that your investment generates positive returns. Discover what our clients have to say about our reputation protection services.

Consistent Reputation Management Plan

We have a steady strategy to collect customer information from you. This helps us stay in touch with your customers regularly, asking for their feedback. Also, we thoroughly study the market and check your online reputation to find any areas where improvement is needed. We act fast to fix these issues in your reputation repair and review marketing campaigns.

Comprehensive Online Solutions

Team Digi Marketing provides various online marketing solutions to boost your internet reputation. Whether you need help with SEO, managing your online image, making your website ADA compliant, creating videos, writing content, managing social media, or marketing on Amazon, we're here to help.

Custom Reputation Repair Packages

Every company needs a special plan to handle online feedback, turning negatives into positives. We study your online image, check your reputation, and create custom solutions to give you control over how you're seen online.