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Reputation Management Software

Gain Actionable Insights and Enhance Your Customer Experience

Maximize the benefits of top-notch reputation management software to enhance your business’s online image. With Team Digi Marketing Internet Marketing Agency’s user-friendly online review management tool, you can effortlessly gather positive feedback, attract more potential customers, and boost your search engine visibility.

What Is Reputation Management Software?

The Best Tool to Establish a Positive Brand Image

With a growing confidence gap and trust decline worldwide, customers are constantly looking for authentic, client-centric businesses focused on building genuine relationships with them. If you want to develop meaningful, ongoing connections with consumers and increase their lifetime value then you need to engage your customers completely. This means remaining attentive to customer feedback, complaints, compliments and questions.

With online reputation, you can stay on top of your brand interactions and foster robust partnerships for online growth. Trusted reputation management agencies offer the best reputation management tool tailored to your business reputation management strategy

Reputation management software helps business owners and marketers keep track of reviews, generate more reviews, and manage their online reputation.

If you’re juggling everything from finances and marketing to customer service on your own, online reputation management tools can speed up the process and help you maintain strong customer relationships.

Make the most of reputation software to simplify tricky digital reputation management tasks that eat up your time and energy!

What Are the Features of the Best
Reputation Management Software?

Top-notch online reputation management firms provide tools for handling reviews. These tools aid in adjusting to market shifts, enhancing brand honesty, and standing out globally. But, how do you pick the right tool that fits your online reputation and digital marketing plan?

Each reputation tool has its own special abilities. The trick is to pick one that helps everyone work together and doesn’t cost too much. Before you decide, think about how much money you have and what you need to manage reviews. And don’t forget to try out the tool first to make sure it’s a good fit before you pay for it.

The best online reputation management software contains features such as:

Secure settings

Integrations with top customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Reporting and analytics


Real-time review monitoring and review generation

Customizable review notifications

Personalized dashboard

Get tools that spot chances to boost your online image and fix issues fast. They link up with different digital systems, simplifying your job of handling customer feedback.

Upgrade your reputation control with top-notch software tailored to your business, marketing, and image goals. Go for Team Digi Marketing’s solution!

Protect Your Online Identity With Advanced
Online Review Management Software

Team Digi Marketing, an Internet Marketing Agency, stands out as a top player in online reputation management across the United States. Our primary goal is to assist businesses, regardless of their size, in enhancing their customer experience and reaching out to more potential customers.

Teaming up with Rize Reviews, our reputation management company offers dependable software tailored for online reputation monitoring and management. We consistently upgrade our review management platform and online reputation services to ensure the generation of genuine, verified reviews from satisfied clients.

Allow us to streamline your online reviews and ratings from various review sites, boosting leads and conversions for your digital platforms. Reach out to our team of experts in business reputation management today to kick-start this journey.

Why Your Business Needs
Reputation Management Software

Drive Operational Efficiency and Deliver Outstanding Results

Whether you’re reaching out to potential clients or keeping current ones happy, the first impression is key. With top-notch review management tools, handling customer feedback is a breeze.

The ideal online reputation platform empowers you to:

Earn Customer Trust

Your brand's image control system is crucial for how trustworthy people think you are and for getting new customers. In a study by Microsoft, 9 out of 10 Americans said good customer service really matters when they're doing business. Plus, nearly 3 out of 4 people are likelier to pick a company that gets good reviews. Using advanced reputation management software for agencies, you can easily track, aggregate and analyze your online reviews and create positive word-of-mouth about your company.

Leverage Business Opportunities

Every time you're online, it's a chance to show off your brand, make people happy, and turn them into loyal customers. According to a survey by Small Business Trends, about 85% of new customers come from online reviews. With tools to manage your online reputation, you can see what people are saying about you, understand how they feel, and figure out any problems they're having. This helps you make a plan to keep your reputation good and connect better with your customers, which can boost your profits.

Grow Your Online Presence

Using review software makes it easier to collect reviews, reducing customer loss and boosting your online visibility. High-ranking web pages attract about a third of all online visitors, while those at the bottom get only a tiny fraction. Make sure your site ranks high! Get more good reviews and boost your search ranking quickly with top-notch online reputation management tools!

Quickly Resolve Negative Reviews

According to a study by a Website Builder, having four or more bad online reviews could scare away as many as 70% of potential customers. Shield your brand from fake negative reviews and highlight its positive side with an advanced reputation management tool. With online review management software, you can get instant feedback, tweak your reputation strategy, and quickly address unhappy customers to fix problems.

Why Our Brand Monitorind Software
Is Better Than the Rest

Retain Customers and Secure Repeat Business

At Team Digi Marketing Internet Marketing Agency, we understand the challenge of gathering online reviews, especially the positive ones. Even if your business excels, getting those positive experiences reflected online can be tough. That’s where our reputation management services come in.

Teaming up with Rize Reviews, we offer top-notch software to handle your online reviews effectively. Our system enhances your reputation management strategy and delivers results. Our software not only boosts the number of reviews you receive across various platforms but also ensures they get maximum exposure.

Explore how our review management platform stands out from the rest.

Intuitive Interface

In today’s business landscape, managing various company tasks and keeping track of reviews is a constant challenge. As your trusted online reputation management partner, we get it. That’s why we’ve designed our review generation software to simplify the process for you. With our tool, you can easily:

User-friendly interface

Simple set-up process

Fast loading time

Easy navigation

Secure admin access

Full data encryption


Personalized Dashboard

You don’t need to reach out to our reputation management team every time you want to check how your reputation campaign is going or keep an eye on your online reputation. With our company, you get your own special dashboard where you can:

Track online reviews across multiple platforms and locations

Monitor location-specific data

View your total online reviews, star ratings and response rate

Determine your review performance per platform

Smart Analytics

Discover and study feedback from numerous online review platforms tailored to your industry with our agency-focused reputation management tool. Our cutting-edge review tracker comes packed with inventive functions, including:

Integrations with 100+ major review sites

CRM and POS systems integrations

Selection of custom sources

Social sharing

Email and SMS marketing

Flexible targeting

Automatic online reputation monitoring

Review Triggers and Alerts

“Stop the constant checking of your review platform. Our tool sends you instant email alerts for every new review. With our software, you can also:”

Schedule email alerts

Track email and SMS click-through rates (CTRs)


Create custom review request templates

Monitor your review requests

Custom Review Widget

When you join our online reputation services, you’ll receive a handy review widget that’s perfect for mobile devices. Easily add it to your website and email signature to showcase social proof and streamline your review process. This widget includes:

Custom design options

Multiple widget embedding functions

Easy navigation

Review landing page template

Opt-in landing page template

Scheduled Reports

Keep track of how your reputation management service is doing and gather useful insights with our customer review management software. Our team of reputation management experts uses this platform to give you practical advice on getting more and better reviews.

You’ll receive detailed monthly reports containing:

Total reviews

Average star ratings

Total number of customers invited

Ratings and reviews by site

Sentiment over time

Email and SMS conversions

Unique open rates

CSV downloads

How Can Team Digi Marketing Help Your Online Reputation?

We Analyze and Manage Your Customer Feedback

We’re dedicated to boosting your business’s reputation online. Our team helps by promoting good reviews and repairing your brand’s image. We understand how important your online reputation is, which is why we collaborate closely with you. We enhance your reputation in four simple steps:


We're dedicated to offering top-notch online review services, which shines through our approach to managing reviews. We closely monitor both good and bad comments about your brand online and create effective strategies to show your audience you care about their feedback and don't overlook any opinions.


Dealing with bad reviews online is tough. One wrong move could harm the reputation you've worked hard to build over the years. Our team handles negative reviews carefully. We tackle tough critics directly but professionally, with polite responses.


We use top-notch online tools to gather new reviews and ratings from your customers. The better your reviews, the more likely you'll show up in local searches and rank well online. Plus, you'll learn valuable tips for building lasting customer connections.


Our team of online reputation experts creates a detailed plan to handle your reviews effectively. We study your review history and design personalized solutions for your business. This involves fixing negative reviews and getting more reviews for your business.

Uncertain about using our online review services? Don’t hesitate until fake negative reviews harm your brand’s reputation. Connect with reputable local reputation management companies for a consultation. Start exploring the top online reputation management services today!

Review Management Software for Agencies

Amplify Your Brand Voice and Build Online Confidence

At Team Digi Marketing, we’re proud to be known as one of the best reputation management companies. Our goal is simple: to safeguard your brand’s reputation effectively and affordably. Through our collaboration with Rize Reviews, we offer continuous strategies that keep your brand safe. Over time, we’ve worked with various industries, ensuring their online reputation stays strong. Together with Rize Reviews, our efforts have led to impressive results:

  • We get how tough it is to keep your business’s good name intact while juggling multiple marketing campaigns. As your dedicated reputation managers, we aim to make overseeing your online reputation as smooth as butter.

  • Our team scours the web to find the best spots for your business’s reviews. We make sure those reviews work their magic, attracting new customers and building trust.

  • Seeking out white label reputation management tools? Look no further! Our company not only provides white label online reputation management solutions but also helps digital marketing firms and reputation management agencies broaden their reach and boost earnings.

  • Handle your company’s online reputation and your clients’ review campaigns with ease! Dive into our white label reputation management software for a hassle-free experience.

Team Digi Marketing Online Reputation Management Services

Boost Audience Engagement and Showcase Your Brand

Online Reputation Management

Did you know that around 60% of people steer clear of businesses with bad online reviews? Don't let negativity drag down your brand. Team Digi Marketing can help! We'll dig into your current reputation strategy, examine your brand's online presence, and craft custom solutions to boost your reputation online. Let's showcase your positive reviews and put your best foot forward!

Online Reputation Repair

Facing a rough patch with negative online reviews? Rebuild trust and keep your online image strong with expert help from trusted names like Team Digi Marketing and Rize. We analyze your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to mend your online reputation. Our strategies ensure positive outcomes, boosting your online presence.

White Label Reputation Management

Let's be real: You can't always make every client happy forever, especially if you're not keeping up with their evolving needs. Our company specializes in online reputation management, making sure your customers' reviews online are handled effectively to keep them satisfied. We offer customizable software and services that you can label as your own. You can choose to have us interact directly with your clients or handle reputation management behind the scenes.

SEO Reputation Management

Improving your online reputation is closely linked to SEO. To make your brand shine and succeed online, you need more positive reviews visible on your website, social media, and other online platforms. But not every reputation management company understands SEO well. At Team Digi Marketing, we use your positive reviews to enhance your visibility in search results and tweak your content across all platforms to minimize the impact of negative search results.

Survey Campaign Management

Stay connected with your customers to find chances to improve your reputation and marketing. Our tool helps you manage your online reputation by automating customer experience surveys, so you can keep in touch with your clients easily. We can create various types of surveys like visual rating surveys, customer satisfaction score (CSAT) surveys, and net promoter score (NPS) surveys based on what you need and what your audience wants.

Social Media Follower Growth

According to a study by Forrester, 80% of internet users visit social media to interact with businesses. Make sure to showcase happy customer feedback on your website and social profiles. It can significantly enhance your social media strategy's effectiveness. Our team of reputation management specialists excels at leveraging online reviews and client testimonials. By showcasing positive feedback, we bolster your business's reputation online, earning trust and expanding your social media audience.We don't just manage your reputation; we actively enhance it. Our experts analyze data to devise fresh social media tactics tailored to your business. This approach increases both lead generation and positive review acquisition rates.