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SMS Marketing Services

Send Targeted, Well-Timed Messages and Increase Your Brand Engagement

Struggling to reach your audience effectively? Team Digi Marketing Internet Marketing Agency has the solution! With our cutting-edge SMS and MMS marketing services, we’ll help you get your brand message to the right people at the right time.

As a trusted Klaviyo partner, we utilize the best text message marketing tools for quick delivery and accurate campaign tracking. By adding SMS/MMS marketing to your digital strategy, you’ll build a deeper bond with your customers and boost your brand presence.

What Is SMS Marketing?

Ensure Fast and Reliable Customer Communications

Gone are the days when most people would head to brick-and-mortar stores to buy what they wanted. Nowadays, online shops are usually the first place customers check out when they want something.

Recent studies show that 33.3% of the world’s population shops online – and this number is expected to grow as mobile commerce or shopping online through mobile devices increases (eMarketer).

With more people shopping online than ever before, having a strong website for your business can boost your sales significantly. A well-designed eCommerce website serves as your digital storefront that offers customers the accessibility and convenience they desire. Furthermore, a user-friendly website fosters positive interactions and drives conversions.

Before sending any marketing texts, brands need to get clear approval from customers. This can happen when customers join contests, fill out online forms to opt-in, or text a special word or code.  Without this express consent, using promotional text marketing campaigns is an invasion of privacy and is against the la

Regulatory Compliance for SMS Text Marketing in the U.S.

Text message marketing is regulated by laws similar to those for email and phone communications. These rules vary depending on the country. In the United States, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) oversees the legal compliance of SMS marketing.

Under the TCPA and other rules:

1. Make sure the recipient is old enough to consent to receiving messages based on where they are.
2. Obtain the recipient’s clear permission before sending automated marketing messages.
3. Clearly explain the purpose of the SMS marketing campaign.
4. Inform subscribers about how many messages they’ll receive per week or month.
5. Warn subscribers about potential fees associated with the program.
6. Provide easy instructions for opting out.
7. Avoid using content that’s not allowed for SMS marketing (like content related to sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, tobacco, profanity, hate speech, violence, etc.).
8. Only send messages during business hours.

What Is the Penalty for TCPA Violations?

As more spam texts flood people’s phones and privacy concerns rise, rules for mobile marketing are getting stricter every year. If companies want to use text message marketing, they need to follow these rules to avoid getting in trouble.

If a company breaks these rules, they can get fined. The fine can be up to $500 for each violation, and up to $1,500 for serious violations. There’s no limit to how much a company can get fined, so breaking the rules multiple times can lead to huge fines.

To keep your brand safe and avoid breaking these rules, it’s smart to use a trusted SMS marketing company. They’ll make sure your marketing texts follow the rules set by the TCPA and other industry regulations.

At Team Digi Marketing, We Ensure Your SMS Marketing Campaign Is TCPA Compliant

Team Digi Marketing is a trusted Internet Marketing Agency. We specialize in text message marketing services, helping businesses of all types use SMS marketing to get more leads and loyal customers. Our SMS marketing service has already helped many companies boost customer awareness and build stronger brand connections. Let us do the same for you!

Partner with our text marketing team and make the most of mobile marketing through SMS.

How Does SMS Text Marketing Work?

Grow a Strong Mobile Opt-In List

Businesses and organizations opt for top-notch text marketing services for various reasons. Mainly, because SMS marketing doesn’t rely on an internet connection, making it a crucial part of all-around marketing strategies.

Using both online and offline channels to connect with your target audience and guide them through the sales process is known as multichannel or omnichannel marketing. Adding text message marketing to your omnichannel strategy ensures consistent messaging and a unified brand experience across different channels, from the first interaction to the final one.

Traditionally, text marketing is employed to send time-sensitive information, like brand offers, updates, and alerts, to individuals who have agreed to receive such messages. However, due to its immediacy, many organizations now utilize text messaging services for purposes beyond marketing tactics.

Automated responses

Corporate communication

Appointment reminders

No matter the objective, investing in the best text marketing solution is a surefire way to reach your target audience in a better, faster way.


4 Key Steps to SMS Mobile Marketing Success

Looking to launch personalized SMS text messaging marketing campaigns? Here are the basic steps to get started with SMS text marketing:


4 Key Steps to SMS Mobile Marketing Success

In today’s market, there are many text marketing tools available, but finding one that easily connects you with your audience is key.

At our SMS marketing company, we use Klaviyo for seamless mobile text campaigns.

Klaviyo stands out for its great features and pricing plans. When you team up with us, we’ll help you make the most of Klaviyo’s fantastic SMS capabilities.

Please note: Klaviyo service fees are additional to our SMS marketing service charges.

Apply for an SMS Short Code

A short code is a short phone number, either 5 or 6 digits long, used for sending lots of text messages quickly. In the U.S., you can rent short codes but you can’t buy them. You can choose between random short codes, which are cheaper at $500 a month, or vanity short codes, which are more expensive at $1,000 a month.

Random short codes are numbers picked for you, while vanity short codes are customized for your brand. Apart from short codes, Klaviyo also lets you send SMS using toll-free numbers in the U.S. or Canada, and alphanumeric sender IDs in the UK.

Manage Your SMS Consent Opt-Ins

Before you start sending text message ads or other SMS campaigns, make sure everyone on your list has agreed to get automated texts from you. If someone hasn’t confirmed they want your messages, take them off your list to stay within the rules.

In our strategy call, our SMS ad experts will ask for your approved list to follow government rules. Our text marketing company only deals with people who’ve said “yes” to getting ads via text from our clients.

Craft Your Message and Track Results

Text marketing companies use ready-made message templates with personalized tags to make sending texts easier. These tags automatically add the receiver’s name to each message, making it feel personal, even if you’re sending out many at once.

Keep your text messages brief, interesting, and direct since you’re limited to 160 characters. You can also include a link for recipients to click and visit your webpage.

After sending your text ads, keep an eye on how well they’re doing. This helps you see what’s working and what needs tweaking for your next campaign.

Why SMS Marketing Is Important

Facilitate Ongoing Brand Conversations

SMS marketing lets you send personalized messages to your audience exactly when they need them, showing that you care about their experience with your brand. This builds stronger relationships that drive business success.

Nowadays, many companies are using top text marketing services to grow their businesses – don’t let your competitors get ahead.

Here are more reasons why investing in text message marketing services is a smart choice for your brand:

Lightning-Fast Delivery

Text marketing service delivers your message instantly to your target audience with a single click. This lets you send urgent messages, like event promotions and flash sales, to many people at once, boosting the chances of your message being seen right away.

Direct Customer Communication

Approximately 75% of customers are okay with receiving texts from businesses they've signed up with (eMarketer). Moreover, 70% find SMS to be an effective way to grab their attention amidst the distractions of the digital age. SMS advertising allows you to reach the most customers quickly and efficiently.

Higher Open Rates

Text messages have an impressive 98 percent open rate. Typically, recipients respond to a text within 90 seconds (Omnisend). Using an effective text messaging marketing service can greatly boost your brand awareness and profits.

Wide Audience Reach

Pew Research Center says that almost all Americans, about 97%, have a cellphone. This means text marketing can effectively reach most of your audience. Whether you run a small business, a large company, or have multiple locations, using top text marketing services can help you connect with diverse groups of people.

Easy Campaign Tracking

Text marketing companies use advanced SMS tools to track the progress, engagement, and performance of their campaigns. Luckily, SMS marketing is simple to monitor. Important metrics, like list growth rate, attrition rate, click-through rate (CTR), and acquisition cost per subscriber, provide valuable insights into your SMS performance.

Increased Revenue

Research indicates that people are more inclined to click on a link sent via text message than through email. Typically, one-third of people who receive a text respond to its call-to-action (CTA), and around 47 percent end up making a purchase (Omnisend). When used correctly, SMS marketing can yield high conversion rates and a great return on investment (ROI) for your business.

How Team Digi Marketing Connects With Your Customers With SMS Marketing

Personalize Your Customer Experiences

At Team Digi Marketing, we tailor our involvement with clients based on their specific needs and circumstances. Our text marketing services vary from complete campaign management to continuous guidance and support.

If you’re unsure about how text message advertising or bulk SMS marketing functions, don’t worry. Here’s how our text message marketing company leverages SMS text marketing to reach your target audience and drive impressive results:

We Get to Know Your Brand

After you sign up for our text message marketing service, we’ll set up a strategy call with your brand. During this call, we’ll give you an overview of SMS/MMS messaging, understand your campaign needs, verify your opted-in list, and plan our next steps.

We Implement Text Marketing Best Practices

After careful analysis, the next step is setting up and developing the campaign. You can choose to create your own message and let us handle the marketing, or you can trust our SMS marketing company for content creation.

To ensure we reach your customers at the optimal time, we identify their time zones and send messages during suitable hours. According to SMSGlobal, the prime time for bulk SMS marketing campaigns is between 10:31 AM-11:29 AM or 2:34 PM-3:27 PM.

Team Digi Marketing strictly avoids spam. As a reputable text marketing company, we adhere to all regulations and best practices established by governing authorities to safeguard your business.

We Monitor Your SMS Campaign Performance

Our company specializes in text message marketing. We use a platform called Klaviyo to send out SMS campaigns. With Klaviyo, we can create and schedule your messages and track important data like how many people click on your messages, how many of those clicks turn into sales, how much money each message brings in, and how many people unsubscribe from your messages.

By looking at this data, we can see what’s working well and what’s not so we can make your next campaign even better.

What Is Geofencing Marketing?

Drive More Mobile Reach Through Granular Localization

SMS marketing offers a neat perk: sending messages tailored to specific places using geofencing marketing.

Geofencing mobile marketing means directing SMS ads to people in specific areas. A ‘geofence’ is like a digital fence around a chosen spot, be it a city, zip code, or a distance around a location.

But don’t mix up geofencing marketing with geotargeting. Geofencing sets up a virtual fence to send messages when people enter, while geotargeting sends messages based on where people are and what they’re doing.

Wondering about geofencing mobile ads? Let our text marketing team guide you through creating geofencing ad campaigns.

How Does Geofencing Mobile Advertising Work?

Attract Customers With Timely, Location-Relevant Ads

Geofencing mobile marketing sends special ads to people when they enter a specific area. For instance, if someone walks near your store, they might get a text offering them 30% off certain items.

Feeling lost? Our team can help you understand geofencing ads easily. Here’s a quick rundown:

Invite Customers To Join Your SMS Geofencing Marketing List

The best geofencing companies know that getting permission through SMS opt-in is the initial move in text marketing. You’ve got to ask customers if it’s okay to use their location for geofencing mobile ads before diving in.

Track People in the Radius You’ve Established

Once you’ve got the green light, the next move is to keep tabs on where your customers are. Usually, geofencing marketing firms just need to check their subscribers’ location once daily, usually at a fixed time.

Send Targeted Geofencing Ads Straight to Their Mobile

Geofencing ads are usually set up in advance by geofencing advertising firms. This means that when someone enters your geofenced area, they’ll instantly receive a text message about your brand promotion.

Best Text Marketing Practices for Geofencing

Boost Your Retail Foot Traffic and Increase Sales

From local stores to big companies with multiple locations, many businesses now use geofencing marketing services from leading companies to bring more customers to their stores.

To make the most of your geofencing text marketing services, follow these steps:

Establish a Precise and Hyper-Local Geofence

Geofencing advertising experts suggest choosing a radius near your store. Text marketing specialists advise that geofencing mobile ads work best within a 5-minute drive from your location.

Personalize Your Geofencing Ads

Top geofencing marketing experts believe that making standout geofencing ads for mass SMS marketing can be tough. But don’t worry, you can split your audience into groups and tweak your message for each group. This way, you give a more personal touch to your brand.

Perform A/B Testing

When you’re getting ready to send out lots of text marketing messages, make sure your location-based ads really grab your customers’ attention. Companies that specialize in location-based ads suggest trying out different kinds of ads before you start your campaign. This helps you figure out which ads work best for the people you’re trying to reach.

Set Strategic Geofences

Geofences are like virtual boundaries set around your store, usually in nearby areas. But, don’t just stick to your immediate surroundings. Some top geofencing experts suggest placing these boundaries around popular landmarks close to your store, or even around your competitors’ stores. Doing this can help you draw in more customers.

Send Geofencing Ads at Optimal Hours

Find the perfect moment to send your geofencing ads to your audience. Geofencing experts advise that while you have room to be creative with timing, it’s important to keep industry rules in mind and aim for the times when your customers are most receptive, like during their peak engagement periods or special “happy hours”.


Geofencing mobile marketing is a huge chance you shouldn’t miss out on. Try our geofencing text marketing services to attract more customers to your nearby shop!


What Is MMS Messaging?

Showcase Your Brand Offering More Effectively

If you’re thinking about stepping up your text marketing game, you might have looked into using MMS marketing. It’s a popular method used by all sorts of businesses, from small shops to big schools, to get the word out about their stuff.

So, what exactly is MMS messaging, and is it something your brand should try out?

MMS marketing is like text marketing, but fancier. Instead of just words, you can send cool stuff like videos, pictures, and even sound clips to your customers. It’s a way to tell a story with your messages, making them more engaging.

By adding MMS marketing to your marketing toolbox, you could give your brand a boost and connect with your audience in a whole new way.

How Does MMS Marketing Work?

Help Your Target Audience Recognize Your Brand’s Value Proposition

Before you start sending MMS messages to your subscribers, it’s crucial to fully grasp what MMS messaging is all about and what it involves.

MMS Message Character Limit

Unlike regular texts, MMS messages can be longer since there's no fixed limit (which may differ based on your phone provider). Marketing with MMS allows you to give subscribers more details about your brand.

MMS Media Content Options

Alongside unlimited text, MMS messages let you share different kinds of stuff. You can send animated pictures (GIFs), videos, photos, voice recordings, and even virtual business cards.

MMS Subject Lines

With MMS messaging, you can add a subject line to your messages, which appears in bold on most phones. MMS marketing experts recommend keeping your subject line under 40 characters to ensure it works on all devices and networks.

MMS Marketing Costs

Because MMS messages can include pictures and videos, using them for marketing tends to be pricier than sticking to plain text. Typically, MMS campaigns cost 2-3 times more than simple text messages. The extra cost covers the fancier look and extra options you get with MMS.

Over time, MMS marketing has shown its value for businesses in all sectors. Ready to kickstart your MMS marketing? Reach out to our text marketing team to boost your brand visibility and interaction with engaging MMS messages.

SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing:
Which Is Better for My Business?

Determine the Best Way to Win Your Customers’ Attention

Many companies use email marketing and SMS marketing to build stronger connections with customers.

Email marketing sends automated promotions and announcements through email services. It’s like having a personalized conversation with customers, helping businesses reach specific groups and keep them loyal. Around 64% of small businesses use email marketing (Campaign Monitor).

SMS/MMS marketing quickly shares brand news and deals with customers. It’s cheap and doesn’t need apps or the internet, saving money.

Adding SMS and email marketing to your toolkit can amp up how much your brand connects with customers, strengthens those relationships, and amps up your sales potential.

SMS Marketing Is Best For:

Time-sensitive messages

Personalized brand conversations

Succinct alerts and notifications

Cultivating relationships with engaged customers

Email Marketing Is Best For:

Long-form content marketing

Image-heavy content

Referenceable information that can be saved for later use

Shareable content with multiple CTAs

Combine both approaches in your marketing plans and kickstart a set of campaigns to find and nurture potential customers, boosting your earnings. Cultivate leads and increase sales using Team Digi Marketing’s SMS/MMS marketing services.

Why Choose Team Digi Marketing for Your SMS/MMS Marketing Services

Build Trust and Grow Client Understanding of Your Brand

Team Digi Marketing, an Internet Marketing Agency, specializes in text message marketing. We’re committed to making sure businesses get the most out of their SMS campaigns. Our strategies keep up with the latest tech and trends, guaranteeing success for our clients.

Partner with us and enjoy these perks:

TCPA-Compliant Text Marketing Service

At Team Digi Marketing, we guarantee that every SMS/MMS message you send meets TCPA regulations. Our text marketing experts regularly clean your subscription lists to keep them squeaky clean. Plus, we never touch illegal, bought lists, so you can trust us completely.

Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Our SMS marketing company handles both SMS broadcast marketing and automated campaigns. We serve clients from various fields like eCommerce, real estate, construction, and healthcare. No matter how big or small your SMS marketing needs are, our team has you covered!

Klaviyo Partner

At our company, we rely on Klaviyo for our SMS/MMS marketing needs. It helps us gather and organize opt-in lists smoothly and run campaigns seamlessly. Klaviyo easily links up with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, making SMS delivery stress-free and effortless for us.

Comprehensive SMS Marketing Service

Looking to boost your marketing with text messages? Our company takes care of everything, from sending SMS/MMS messages to creating eye-catching graphics and videos. Team Digi Marketing is made up of skilled experts who excel at making engaging content, writing, and producing videos.

Detailed Monthly Reports

As your SMS marketing ally, we make sure you're always in the loop about your campaign progress. Our team of text marketing pros sends you detailed monthly reports with all your campaign stats, important numbers, and smart suggestions. We go over these reports with you during our regular calls.

SMS/MMS Marketing Specialists

Once you team up with us, know that your text and multimedia message campaigns are handled by experienced marketing experts. We handle everything from organizing and targeting your lists, creating campaigns, to running and watching over them. We make sure every step is covered so you can be sure you're getting the most out of your investment.

How To Get Started With SMS/MMS Marketing

Choose Team Digi Marketing and Get the Most Out of Our Service

Launching your first SMS/MMS marketing campaign? Enlist our bulk SMS marketing services in three easy steps:

Schedule a Consultation

Want to chat? Dial 770-499-9141 or drop a message through our contact form to book a strategy session with our text marketing pros. In this first chat, we’ll dive deep into your campaign goals and what you’re aiming for.

Send Personalized SMS/MMS Marketing Messages

Our text marketing experts design a customized SMS marketing strategy for your brand. Once you give the green light, we kickstart the setup process and launch your mobile text marketing campaign.

Generate Profitable Results

Let us take care of your marketing campaigns while you concentrate on your main tasks. Our team will ensure that your customers receive timely and relevant messages through our SMS marketing service.