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Social Media Advertising

Boost Your Goal Completions With Targeted Campaigns

Struggling to connect with your audience on social media? Let Team Digi Marketing help! Our social media advertising services are designed to boost your reach, engagement, and conversions.

We dive deep into social media data to understand your audience better, pinpoint their interests and needs, and create a tailored advertising plan that gets real results. Trust us to take your social media game to the next level!

Results-Driven Social Media Advertising Company

Achieve the Highest Yield at the Lowest Cost Possible

Social media ads might seem tough, especially if you’re not experienced in handling them. But don’t worry – if you need help with creating, running, and improving your social media ads, we’ve got your back!

Are you searching for a trustworthy agency to handle your social media ads?

At Team Digi Marketing Internet Marketing Agency, we’ve been helping all sorts of businesses with their social media ads since 2005. Whether you’re a small local business, a big company with multiple locations, or even a franchise, we’ve got the expertise to boost your online presence.

Find out how our social media ad strategies have helped these clients grow online faster!

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Generate High-Converting Leads and Increase Sales Exponentially

In today’s world of smartphones and screens, old-school marketing just won’t cut it anymore. To really connect with customers and keep them interested, you’ve got to find them where they hang out online and speak their language. This not only saves you money but also brings in more business in the long run.

When it comes to getting your brand out there, nothing beats social media ads. They get your name in front of tons of people and give you a great chance to turn curious clicks into loyal customers.

  1. What’s social media advertising?

Paid social media, or social media advertising, is a popular and effective way to market digitally. It involves displaying sponsored content or paid ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others to target specific customer groups.

  1. What makes social media advertising special compared to other digital marketing methods? Is it worth it?

Social media advertising lets you target specific audiences based on criteria like location, age, interests, and device use. Unlike other online marketing, you only pay for the clicks or impressions your ads get, making it a high-return investment.

  1. Got big goals for your company? Use paid social media to supercharge your digital marketing and connect with customers ready to take action!

Advertising on Social Media: How Does It Differ
From Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a way to promote your brand for free. You don’t have to spend money to reach your followers. It’s about making people recognize your brand, building relationships, and getting them interested.

Paid social advertising is when you pay to make your social media ads more effective. By advertising on social media, you can reach people who are currently interested in what you offer.

Social media marketing and paid social ads aren’t separate worlds. You should do both! Running marketing campaigns alongside social media ads boosts your results.

If you want to connect with your target audience effortlessly, use social media ads. Match your strategies with how your ideal customers behave online. It’s the smartest, budget-friendly way to grow your business.

Drive Greater Results With Paid Social Media

With more people using social media to connect with businesses, competition is on the rise. Let our social advertising agency upgrade your social media ad strategy. We’ll craft ads that grab your target audience’s attention at every stage of your marketing journey.

Team Digi Marketing, a top-notch Internet Marketing Agency, specializes in social media advertising that drives conversions. We empower you to take charge of your ad budget and target the right audience, ensuring your paid social campaigns make a real impact.

Reach out to our social media advertising experts and uncover untapped business opportunities on the most suitable social platforms!

Why Your Business Needs To Use
Social Media Advertising

Maximize Your Visibility and Save Time, Effort and Money

The world of social media is always changing. Every year, new social networks and ways to advertise pop up, and how people shop and what they expect shifts a lot. Just relying on regular social media posts isn’t enough anymore.

Paying to advertise on social media is one of the best ways to make money from it for many types of businesses. It helps you get more customers and keep them around longer. A study by Marketing Experiments found that if you target your ads well, you can make your sales go up by as much as 300%. Paid social media ads can help you do just that.

Here are some more reasons why you should think about spending money on social media ads:

If you need further adjustments or have any specific preferences, feel free to let me know!

Increase Follower Growth Rate

Using paid social ads helps you target specific groups and expand to new audiences quickly. With our social media ads, Team Digi Marketing assisted a gaming company in reaching 290,137 individuals and gaining 1,600 new Facebook fans, 1,000 new Instagram followers, and 155 new Twitter followers within just four months!

Boost Organic Posts

Got a tight budget? Try promoting your posts on social media to boost your online visibility. Various social media platforms offer flexible advertising options to turn your popular content into ads and connect with folks who are really into what you offer.

Ramp Up Website Conversions

Boosting your sales through social media can double your conversion rates and slash marketing expenses by a third. After kicking off a paid advertising campaign on social platforms for a fitness center, we raked in $143,319.92 in website purchases within six months, with each click costing just $8.03 on average.

Drive More Clicks and Views

People love hanging out on social media, where they can connect with their favorite brands. For instance, a top advisory firm got 41,074 clicks from Facebook ads and over half a million views on Twitter ads in just 10 months.

Attract Qualified Leads

Tailoring your social media ads and landing pages can help attract specific customers and reconnect with those who didn't buy. By organizing your ads on social networks, you can customize offers and target different groups based on age, job, or gender. This helps attract interested customers and guides them towards making a purchase.

Gain Actionable Insights

Which social media ads got seen the most ? Did your social media ads landing page work well ? Using social media for ads lets you see how many people clicked, visited, and commented. This helps measure if your ads are working and plan better for the next ones.

Offer a Clear Value Proposition

Want to solve your customers' problems? Use precise social media ads! Highlight what makes your products or services special and give them a clear reason to act.

Generate Direct Sales

Whether you're showcasing new items to loyal customers or enticing specific buyers with limited-time deals, using social ads makes it simpler and more lucrative. Paid social media campaigns are an affordable way to sway shoppers and boost sales."

Allocate Your Spending Wisely

Social media ads offer a big plus: you can instantly see how they're doing and decide how much money to spend on them. Recently, an online shop asked Team Digi Marketing to manage its Facebook ads. We spent $8,000 on ads and made $170,000 in sales within a month.

Social Media Platforms Your Business
Should Consider Using for Advertising

Ensure the Most Efficient Use of Your Resources
  • Across the globe, people typically visit over six different social media sites each month, spending roughly 2.5 hours daily on these platforms. With countless social media options out there, and considering that people don’t spend all day on social media, it’s crucial to pick the right platform for your ads.

    Many marketers jump on trends without seeking advice from social media experts or doing their homework. This often leads to investing in the wrong advertising channels, resulting in poor returns for their niche market.

    At Team Digi Marketing, we help you determine the best social media platforms for business types in your industry to ensure the amount of new business garnered is over and above the resources poured into your social networking ads.

Social Media Platforms for Business Niches With Different Needs:

Facebook Advertising

Using Facebook ads means showing your brand in different ways, like pictures, videos, or polls, to get people interested and closer to buying from you. Companies that work on Facebook ads suggest it for businesses that want to reach specific groups and see quick results. Plus, your ads usually get approved fast, so you can start getting noticed in just a day or two!

Instagram Advertising

With about 1.07 billion people using Instagram globally, advertising on this platform rivals Facebook for gaining followers and boosting brand interactions. Instagram ads are a fantastic chance for businesses of any size to grow their audience with sponsored posts and cool ad styles. Social media ad agencies link your Instagram ads with Facebook Ads Manager, giving you loads of targeting choices and easy ad management.

What Our Facebook Ads Agency Can Do for You:

Our team at the Facebook ad agency arranges an initial meeting with your team to talk about what you want from your Facebook ads. We work together to plan out your strategy. Once we understand your goals, we create a custom Facebook ad campaign designed just for you. We’ll make sure it targets the right people. We also install Facebook Pixel, a tool that helps us see how people interact with your website after clicking on your ads.

What Our Instagram Advertising Agency Can Do for You:

When we advertise on Instagram, we use Instagram Insights to see how well your posts are doing and how people are engaging with your profile. Then, we create Instagram ads that make your brand stand out. Our social advertising team figures out what you want your ad to do, like making more people aware of your brand, getting them to download your app, or bringing them to your store. We pick where your ad shows up, decide how much to spend, and choose the best Instagram ad style to get you the results you want.

Twitter Advertising

Thinking about advertising on Twitter to boost your website visits and get more direct sales? Lots of businesses, especially in eCommerce, use Twitter ads to get their brand out there and sell more stuff right away. Social media ad companies that help with Twitter ads try out different types, like promoted tweets or accounts, to get the best results for businesses.

LinkedIn Advertising

Using LinkedIn ads is great for B2B marketers who want to boost their lead generation through social media. If you're aiming at high-level executives and industry specialists, LinkedIn ads are perfect for you. With a wide audience, detailed market insights, and various ad options like Sponsored content and text ads, LinkedIn offers precise targeting that beats other social media platforms for businesses.

What Our Twitter Advertising Agency Can Do for You:

Our team of Twitter ad specialists will create your Twitter ads account, figure out your advertising goal (like reaching more people, driving traffic to your website, getting more app users, etc.), set up your ad groups, and decide how much you want to bid. Then, we’ll carefully choose who sees your ads, where they appear, and write catchy ad messages to make sure your Twitter ads work smoothly.

What Our LinkedIn Ads Agency Can Do for You:

At our social media ad agency, we’re dedicated to showcasing your expertise and hitting your LinkedIn ad targets. We refine your audience targeting with industry-specific details like company names, industries, or job roles. Plus, we create eye-catching ad content and include a clear call-to-action to attract your ideal clients and guide them toward conversion.

TikTok Advertising

TikTok, which started in 2016, has become a top spot for businesses to advertise on social media. Many agencies now use TikTok ads to make their brands more visible, get people talking positively about them, and show their genuine side. Unlike managing ads on Facebook or other social media, TikTok ads let you create cool campaigns with different ad styles like regular feed ads, hashtag challenges, and brand takeovers.

Pinterest Advertising

Wondering if advertising on Pinterest is right for your brand? Start advertising on Pinterest now to unlock your full marketing potential! With over 400 million people using Pinterest every month, it's one of the best and most affordable places to promote your brand and achieve your marketing goals. Similar to Facebook ads, Pinterest advertising works on a pay-for-placement (P4P) model. This means you pay to promote your product Pins to reach your target audience.

What Our TikTok Ads Agency Can Do for You:

Our company helps with TikTok ads, tailored to your needs. We check your social media and ads, and study the market to see if TikTok ads suit you. Our team also gives expert advice to pick the perfect TikTok ad for your brand.

What Our Pinterest Ads Agency Can Do for You:

To get the most out of your Pinterest ads, we use smart strategies based on data to bring more people to your website and boost sales. Our social media experts make sure your ad pictures look great, use special Pins, and pick the best times to show your ads for more sales. We suggest trying Pinterest ads along with your Amazon ads to get even better results.

How Much Does Social Media Advertising Cost?

Pay the Right Amount for Each Click and Impression

The cost of social media advertising is relatively low compared to other advertising methods, such as print advertising, broadcast advertising and product placement advertising. However, some companies are still hesitant about investing in social media advertising for businesses because they don’t understand its pricing system.

Facebook advertising cost, Instagram advertising cost, Twitter advertising cost and other social media ad spending are based on different variables, including:

Day of the week


Time of day

Social media advertisement quality and relevance


Audience demographics

Niche market


Looking to advertise on social media? Companies specializing in Facebook ads for industries like apparel ($0.45 per click), travel and hospitality ($0.63), or retail ($0.70) typically enjoy lower costs compared to those targeting finance ($3.77), consumer services ($3.08), or B2B markets ($2.52).

Interested in social media advertising? Learn about the average ad spending on the top six platforms and kickstart your Facebook ad campaigns with us!

For optimal results with Pinterest ads, we employ data-driven strategies to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. Our team ensures your ad visuals are top-notch, utilizes special Pins, and identifies the best times to showcase your ads for enhanced sales. Consider combining Pinterest ads with Amazon ads for even greater effectiveness.

Average Advertising Cost for Each Social Media Platform:

Facebook Advertising Cost

Facebook ad costs differ depending on the industry you're in. Typically, running a Facebook ad campaign can be as affordable as $5 per day or around $0.97 for each click. On average, you might expect about 1.11% of people to click on your ad when it appears in their News Feed.

Twitter Advertising Cost

The cost of advertising on Twitter varies based on the type of ads you choose. Typically, you'll pay between $0.50 and $2.00 for actions like clicks, replies, or retweets. If you're promoting your account, expect to pay between $2.50 and $4.00 per follower.

Instagram Advertising Cost

Using Instagram for ads tends to cost more than Facebook. On average, each click on an Instagram ad can cost between 60 cents to 2 dollars. Typically, agencies advertising on Instagram can anticipate around 0.22 percent of people clicking on their ads in the feed.

LinkedIn Advertising Cost

The cost of advertising on LinkedIn varies based on what you want to achieve with your campaign. Usually, you can start with a daily budget of $10 per campaign, and the average click-through rate (CTR) is around 0.22 percent. Get in touch with us to discover potential savings!

TikTok Advertising Cost

Want to advertise on TikTok? It can start at $10 for every 1,000 views, but the actual cost depends on your ad style and how long you want it to run. Get in touch with our social advertising team to find out how to make your TikTok ads really shine!

Pinterest Advertising Cost

Typically, promoting your brand on Pinterest costs between $2.00 and $5.00 for every 1,000 times your ad is seen. If you want to encourage interaction and get people visiting your website, the cost ranges from $0.10 to $1.50 for each engagement.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Average Advertising Cost for Each Social Media Platform:

Ensure the Most Efficient Use of Your Resources

Social Media Marketing

Using social media ads is a great way to get new customers and keep them coming back. But our agency doesn't just do ads. We also help boost your sales by improving how your social media works. Our team checks out your social media to see what's working and what can be better. Then we set up smart campaigns to help you sell more.

Social Media Management

At Team Digi Marketing, we're not just another social and Facebook ads agency. We're your dedicated social media team. Whether it's creating powerful Instagram ads, tracking ad performance, or managing various social accounts, we've got you covered. We guide you in choosing the best platforms and strategies to boost your business online and guarantee growth.

Social Media Brand Management

Our social media team blends managing your social profiles with advertising on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We'll bring out your brand's personality and cover all bases where your customers interact. Our aim? To unify your brand's presence and make it welcoming everywhere. Plus, we can link you up with our web experts to make sure your site is accessible to everyone and matches your social style.

Social Media Follower Growth

Grow your online presence and attract loyal followers! Our experts use data-driven strategies on social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to help you connect with customers and boost your follower count. We enhance your profile, share interesting content, plan when to post, and run targeted ads to help you reach your goals.

Social Media SEO

Social media and Facebook ads aren't just about being seen online. They can really boost your brand's visibility and bring in more interested customers to your website. Our team works with you to figure out what content works best for you, then shares it on your social pages and promotes it strategically through targeted ads.

Website Design and Development

Strengthen trust with potential customers by maintaining a consistent look across your social media profiles. We blend our social media know-how with web design flair to smoothly add share buttons, reviews, and videos to your site. Craving captivating visuals for your brand's social media profiles? Connect with our Facebook ad pros, and let's chat about boosting your brand's appeal.

Video Production

Grow your social media following and attract more customers! Our team uses data-driven strategies on platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to boost your online presence. We'll enhance your profile, share interesting posts, and run targeted ads to help you reach your goals.

Social Media Content Writing

Hand over your social media content to our agency specializing in social and Facebook ads. We'll help establish your brand as the top choice for customers. We dive deep into market research, industry analysis, and audience targeting to create effective content. Our team of paid social media experts runs A/B tests on ad copies and landing pages to ensure they drive action from users.

Website Design and Development

Is your Facebook ad plan and social media strategy protecting your reputation? Monitor what people say about your brand and shield it from any negative comments. Our team collaborates with Rize Reviews to manage your online reviews, handle responses efficiently, and use positive feedback in your social media ads.

Why Choose Team Digi Marketing for Your Social Media Advertising

Increase Your Leads, Signups and Sales

Team Digi Marketing is a top-notch internet marketing agency specializing in social media promotion and Facebook ads. Over the years, we’ve assisted numerous industry giants in achieving remarkable business outcomes through focused social media advertisements.

Unlock the potential of social media advertising for your business by partnering with us. Here’s what awaits you when you opt for our social and Facebook ads services:

Profitable Advertising Goals

Our team of social media experts will chat with yours to understand your social ad goals, plans, and hopes. From there, we'll craft clear, doable ad goals that fit your budget and marketing needs.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

The toughest part of social media ads is keeping tabs on how well they're doing and making sure you get the most bang for your buck. We make sure all the tracking tools are in place and fine-tune your social media profiles regularly to get you the best outcomes.

Transparent Data Analysis

From checking your campaign's start to monthly updates, we offer detailed reports. You'll always know where your money goes. With our client portal, you can see how well your social media ads work and track your progress whenever you want.

Expert Consultations

Need help training your in-house team for better social media ads? Our experts can guide them to success. We offer consulting and training to get your team on track.

Diverse Advertising Strategy

We stay updated on the latest industry trends and social media changes to make sure your paid social media ads bring in profits. Plus, we're always on the lookout for new ad chances to keep bringing in leads and boosting conversions for your business.

Dedicated Social Media Advertising Strategist

At Team Digi Marketing, we're a group of social media ad pros who know the ins and outs of running ads on different platforms. When you work with us, you'll have your own account manager. They'll handle your campaign and be your go-to person for any questions or issues you have, right when you need them.