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Video Production Services

Use the power of video to wow your audience.

Delivering high-quality video content

Boost your online marketing game by harnessing the strength of video content. We are a Dallas-based video production company that delivers high-quality video content from start to finish. Our talented team can create, plan, lead, and polish visually stunning content that will impress your audience without fail.


Why choose us for your next video project?

We are a full-service video production company operating in Dallas. We’re equipped to handle projects of all sizes and types. We’ve got our own cameras, lights, and audio gear, and we do all the editing ourselves using top-notch equipment. Our team includes skilled writers, producers, directors, and cinematographers who can handle everything from brainstorming ideas to delivering the final product. No matter the budget or scale, we approach every project with the same level of professionalism.

What kind of video do you need?

Most of us are visually inclined, and dynamic videos play a crucial role in helping us understand and interpret the world. Videos have the power to capture moments and provide context, enriching our perception of the world. – Dan Patterson


What’s your story? Every business has a unique identity. Offer your customers an exclusive peek into your top-notch methods, core values, and personality. A brand video is the ultimate tool to link your message with your audience.



Talking about your business is one thing, but what customers truly value is hearing about the experiences others have had. That’s where glowing reviews come in – they’re the ultimate marketing tool that can make all the difference!



Videos speak volumes compared to images alone. When it’s all about getting attention, boost your product sales with a captivating video. Watching your product in action leaves a lasting impression on your customers, far more than just a static picture.


We’re the top choice in our field. How do we let our clients know that ? A great video is the ultimate way to stand out. Share with your potential or existing clients what makes you special, in your own words.


Ever wished you could capture your recent company event, volunteer activity, or special gathering? Look no further! We’re here to help. Share an exciting or meaningful video with your team and social media audience, creating memories they’ll treasure forever.


Let’s finish the year strong! Your company has experienced significant growth and success. It’s time to spread the word to your team, shareholders, and social media followers. We’ll jazz it up with charts, graphs, flashy titles, and exciting footage. Go ahead, show off a bit!


Introducing a new product? Offering a special deal? Spread the word effortlessly and powerfully with a video campaign. Whether it’s through a click funnel, landing page, or a Facebook ad, connect with your audience where they are or draw them to your doorstep.


You know those fun, quirky cartoons that make complex ideas easy to grasp? Well, imagine having one for your business! With a simple yet engaging script and helpful visuals, animated videos are a fantastic way to teach and captivate your audience. Ready to bring your ideas to life? Reach out to Team Digi Marketing today and let’s get started on yours!



Be a trendsetter. Expand your social media audience and impact using engaging videos. You possess valuable insights, advice, and knowledge, and there’s a vast audience eager to connect. Team Digi Marketing is here to support your growth.


If your business has many places and you want to turn visitors into customers effortlessly, try adding a video. This special video can showcase different locations on your product or service pages, boosting sales and revenue.


Video Production Services Breakdown


Before lights, camera, action, there's a crucial step called pre-production. Think of it as the brainstorming and planning phase before the actual shoot. We don't hit record until we've got a detailed plan and know exactly what scenes to capture. It's like laying down the tracks for a smooth, efficient, and budget-friendly filming experience.


Get ready for lights, camera, action! Our skilled cinematographers are equipped to film top-notch footage, whether it's on-site, in the studio, or on the streets. With the director at the helm, your project is in good hands, guaranteeing you get the best bang for your buck.


Editing is the secret sauce for making your footage shine. With our cutting-edge software and skilled editors, we turn your raw footage into a masterpiece. Our post-production services cover everything from adding cool graphics, catchy titles, and eye-catching animations to enhancing with voiceovers, stunning visual effects, and mood-setting music. We're all about bringing your vision to life. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.


You're free to receive the finished video in any way you prefer. Our team can convert it to any file type and share it on popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Additionally, we can directly integrate the video into your website for seamless viewing.

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